What is an Irresistible Offer?

An irresistible offer is simply a collection of irresistible benefits packed into a compelling offer.

What is a compelling offer?

A compelling offer is an attractive offer that persuades the customer to make a purchase. 

A persuasive offer will include features and benefits, making the product or service seem more desirable than everything else on the market.

But what's the benefit of using an irresistible offer?

The big benefit of using an irresistible offer is that it allows you to:

 What is the most successful way to use an irresistible offer?

The best way to use an irresistible offer is during high demand periods.. these can be times when:

  1. The economy is in a recession and everyone is cautious with their money 
  2. It's right before the holidays 
  3. Time-Sensitive events are happening, like elections or the holiday season.. more family time! 
  4. Travel seasons are getting ready to kick-off, during summer months especially.. people are planning their vacations 
  5. The end of a long campaign of any type.

Nowadays, there are hundreds of businesses that are making similar claims and promises to attract customers. However, in order to stand out among them, you should make an offer that cannot be refused. In this article, we provide some significant steps to make an irresistible offer.

  1. Identify the goals and pains of your audience

If you are in business, you are fully aware of the fact that everything starts with the audience. Accordingly, you should focus on this as the starting point as it plays a vital role in your business. That is, it is recommended that you should embark on a journey to the world of your audience in order to become familiar with ins and outs of their issues and their future goals. Afterward, you should focus on the areas in which they need help and direct your offer to help them fulfill their goals.

  1. Make your offer better than any of your competitors!  

Having taken the previous step, you should be aware of the offerings of your top 10 competitors. In so doing, you should have a close look at any guarantees and offerings they make to attract more and more customers. Having analyzed the top competitors, you should open your eyes to find a way to stay ahead and shoulder above them by providing something giving more value to the customers than any of your competitors.

  1. Be quick and smart 

In order to make the life of the potential customers easier and help them reach their goals, you should work on two factors, namely speed, and convenience. Simply do your best to find a way to make the process easier than any of your competitors; because if you don’t, others will!

  1. Build trust by creating an attractive entry-point offer

As the majority of people are skeptical nowadays, an attractive entry point and be unbelievably effective as not only does it boost your revenue, but also it can build trust with customers. Creating an appealing entry-point offer is of high importance as it motivates the customers to make the first transaction and it diminishes the barriers for entering there. With this in mind, you would be able to establish trust with those who wouldn’t have given you an opportunity before.

  1. Target the current problem of your customers

The fact of the matter is that when individuals face a problem, they want to ameliorate the pain instead of searching for a long-term underlying cure. With this in mind, when you focus on offering something to pacify the initial pain of the customers, you have the chance to make them aware of the cure which is on the way. Furthermore, not only does it set the stage for customers to tackle the initial issue, but also it can help you to develop trust and credibility as well as kindling their interest to accompany you in this journey. 

  1. Reverse the risk or add a bold guarantee 

You should be a tough critic of yourself. Simply put, take the time to scrutinize every aspect and element of your products from the eyes of your competitors. In so doing, you should identify the concerns and assumptions a person would have when approaching your products. As a result, you have the chance to reverse that risk or create a potential guarantee that can help you reap the benefits.

  1. Focus on articulating the transformation of the offer

As everybody knows, nowadays, people don’t buy the products; however, they pay money for the transformation they create. It is important to know that, for instance, when people pay money to buy a lawnmower, they aim to take pride in owning the most beautiful garden in the neighborhood. Therefore, ensure that you understand the transformation you are offering to the customer and do your best to articulate that clearly.

  1. Have social proof to be able to leverage

It happens a lot that one or two raving fans can set the stage for you to take big steps to grow your business. As a business owner, you are fully aware that customers have different personalities in a way that some are just more expressive than others. Therefore, it would be great if you find your raving fans and ask them to write a review or make a video about the product, and boom! It will definitely be of great help for your business growth.

  1. Inject scarcity into your offer

You should be smart to seize the opportunity if you have a product with limited availability or capacity. This is really helpful as it is an important way of growing conversions and making an attractive offer. 

  1. Your offer should worth 10x more than what you are charging

Let’s refer to the famous sentence of Russel Brunson when checking his offers. He always asks himself “is this offer worth 10x what I’m charging for it?”. Noteworthy is the point that this is not concerned with charging more than your rivals; however, you should make an offer that is 10 times more valuable than that of your competitors. This can be a vital step to stand out! 

Wrapping up

Irresistible Offer Strategies are simple and yet effective ways to drive sales, increase profits, and improve your overall ROI. This strategy can be used in many different ways to increase profits for your business and improve the way you do business online.

Now that you know the best ways to use an irresistible offer, put them into action.. create an irresistible offer right now.

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