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In this episode, Omid Alaei and I discuss how he found his success in Canada as an immigrant. So if you want to learn practical strategy and tactics from successful immigrant entrepreneurs, learn how to start and scale their business as an immigrant, tune in now!

Omid immigrated to Canada in 2008 and his educational background centers around engineering, management, psychology, and business coaching. Although he had experience in running different startups before his immigration, he decided to start everything from scratch. However, he realized that he should sit back, learn, and acclimate to the new atmosphere first. So, he worked for different companies at first to adapt his entrepreneurial mindset with the business environment in Canada. In this journey, he faced a plethora of challenges.

First, his mindset was the main factor as he just wanted to redo what he had done before. Second, it was a challenge for him to have access to the correct and valid sources of information due to the fact that accessibility of information was not comparable to the contemporary era. What he did was to seize every single opportunity of learning from different people in the surroundings; therefore, he is of the idea that the role of mentor is to set the stage for you to digest the information and find your way and to avoid having a one-size-fits-all approach towards entrepreneurs.

Accentuating the importance of having networks and communication skills, Omid believes that the first customer is a valuable asset that can be attracted through investing in the right strategy. Thus, he defines success as being satisfied with what you are doing and being open to learning and growth.

Having experienced several failures in his journey, he considers himself a successful person as those failures have paved the way for him to boost his resilience and think out of the box. As an expert, he views active patience as a pivotal factor because it is of paramount importance to actively think about the work without doing anything about it.

That is, in his opinion, entrepreneurial mindset is the precursor to success and he recommends that starters should zero in on creating this mindset to transform nothing into something. Speakers Bio Omid Alaei provides training, speaking, and coaching services across North America and the globe. In addition, he delivers workshops and one-on-one coaching. His expertise is in how science of Positive Psychology, Organizational Behaviour, Coaching and Leadership can create a flourishing pathway for individuals and organizations.

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