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In this episode, Elnaz and I share her outstanding entrepreneurship journey of setting up the world’s first AI-powered smart toy ever in Canada Growing up as a woman in Iran, Elnaz witnessed limited opportunities, leading her on her journey in the U.S. to become an entrepreneur.

Elnaz describes her first presence in the US, California a scary and almost exciting one, when she faced a thoroughly different culture, attitude, and opportunity in the new environment. In the first few years, Elnaz co-founded and led a consumer electronics/IoT company, iBaby, where they utilized Apple's iOS platform in combination with cloud technology to enable parents to stay connected with their children regardless of their location. Commonly recognized as a successful immigrant and female founder, Elnaz then conceptualized a new idea to set up a tech-based business that could prepare children for a better future.

The mission was to utilize advanced technology that would empower children to meet their personal needs and interests, rather than a one-size-fits-all program. Thus, they ended up building their own AI engine, ROYBI, a smart robot and a virtual learning system that provides kids with up-to-date content for a successful self-guided learning. As Elnaz argues, there was a time when the team struggled with financial issues and marketing challenges, wherein she was told to get back to her nine-to-five job, that the device won’t work at all, or that it's not aligned with market needs. However, they never gave up on the dream, persisted, and worked hard for the great mission.

Elnaz admits that the key to success is persistence at all times. She believes that there are numerous barriers and obstacles in every start-up and entrepreneurship, particularly if you are an immigrant. With this in mind, having mentors and advisors would be of great help to formulate and reformulate the basic idea with which everyone starts it.

With stunning accomplishments in a short period, she believes that there are a myriad of talented juveniles who do not access the right tools, mentors, and platforms, and she has set to ascertain that every child would receive the support and education they need in a near future.

Speakers Bio:

Elnaz Sarraf is the CEO and founder of award-winning ROYBI® Robot – a Canadian based EdTech company that revolutionized early childhood education and self-guided learning.

Named by Time Magazine, Roybi is the world’s first AI-powered educational smart toy robot, and one of the Best Inventions in Education. As a successful immigrant entrepreneur, Elnaz’s mission is to empower children to take control of their future through universal access to personalized learning. Furthermore, Elnaz has been a speaker at several conferences such as the Mobile World Congress, ASU GSV Summit, Consumer Technology Association, and other worthy accomplishments which are listed below:

  • 2019; [Roybi Robot] 2019 Tech for Good Winner
  • 2019; 1st place Xiaomi AI Competition Silicon Valley
  • 2019; 2019 World Changing Ideas
  • 2019; EdTech Award by EdTech Digest - Cool Tool Finalist
  • 2019 - Robotics and Learning 2018; Winner
  • 2018 Alibaba Cloud Contest Silicon Valley
  • 2018; Nasdaq Milestone Maker
  • 2018 2017; Female Entrepreneur of The Year
  • 2017; Silicon Valley Women of Influence

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Learn more about Elnaz: https://www.linkedin.com/in/elnazsarraf

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