Welcome to Episode 6 of the Immpreneur Podcast.

In this episode, Aali and I share his wonderful story of success in Canada.

When Aali came to Canada, he was an enthusiastic Ph.D. student in the University of Ottawa in Civil Engineering. He had got his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the most prestigious university in his home country, and now he was here in Canada with a lot to expect and struggle. As a passionate academic, he came down with more than 15 years of experience in research, development, and commercialization of technologies related to concrete materials.

Over the course of his fruitful academic journey, he further published over 100 academic papers. With an eye to revolutionize the concrete industry, Aali co-founded Giatec in 2010. With exports to more than 80 countries and its sensors used in over 8,000 construction projects, his company is a fast-growing Canadian tech firm and a world leader in concrete IoT and AI solutions. The mission, as Aali puts, is to bring disruptive, knowledge-based, and sustainable technologies to the concrete industry. Accordingly, they aim to identify current challenges in concrete testing and design innovative solutions to address them.

Despite many difficulties, Aali believes that such challenging experiences since he moved to Canada has laid the groundwork for him to acquire a well-determined, disciplined, and hardworking personality, letting him succeed in the most difficult situations. During all these years, he has learned that the only secret to a resounding success is having a tenacious character that makes a hero out of each person who is ambitious enough to achieve the deserved outcomes. Simply put, for Aali, success is the fruit of hard work, persistence, and resilience, a journey in which the protagonist should walk from failure to failure without losing passion and enthusiasm.

Speakers Bio:

Dr. Aali Alizadeh is the CTO of Giatec and an Adjunct Professor at the University of Ottawa. Some of his achievements are listed here: 

  • ·         Co-Founder & President and CTO
  • ·         Adjunct ProfessorAdjunct Professor at the University of Ottawa
  • ·         NSERC Post-Doctoral Fellow
  • ·         Alumni Entrepreneur of the Year
  • ·         Governor General's Academic Gold Medal
  • ·         Ottawa’s Forty Under 40 award
  • ·         Report on Business Magazine’s 50 Changemakers

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