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Maria and I share her wonderful story of successfully establishing a brand in Canada as an immigrant. As a Canadian entrepreneur, Maria served as a Sr. Project Manager earlier in her career, leading large-scale metropolitan transportation projects worth 55 million USD. Throughout her entrepreneurial journey, she also founded a boutique firm of sustainable luxury design and smart furniture as an architecture.

From her early days as an architect, Maria was an admirer of urban design and she did her best incorporating it into architecture. Thus, she bent over backwards working as a full-time worker and a part-time entrepreneur, conducting large-scale metropolitan transportation projects. Later on, as Chief of Infrastructure Operations in office facilities, she expanded her managerial skills, and leading a team of 45 people in office management, Maria first started Elevator ventures. Today, Maria directs Elevator Ventures, a self-funded innovation agency on a mission to make cities more livable. In recent years, Elevator ventures has pursued several initiatives to meet different expectations, the most relevant of which is Detroup, a successful consultancy agency to help companies in the Real Estate industry conduct product innovations, implement digital strategies and technologies such as Virtual/Augmented Reality, Building Integrative Modeling, IoT and Data Science. Maria is known as a successful entrepreneur, architect, and MA cand. in Urban Economics, focused on innovation in cities, with over ten years of professional experience.

As a skillful immigrant entrepreneur, Maria believes that there are numerous opportunities, plenty of techniques and many strategies in the market that entrepreneurs miss without the right mentor in this path.

Speakers Bio:

Maria Yoms is the founder and CEO at Elevator ventures, an innovation agency that produces solutions to foster meaningful transformations in both private and public organizations in the Urban World.

She is also a consultant on public policy modernization whose accomplishments include:

  • Founder & CEO, at Elevator ventures 2019;
  • Nominated by the participants of the beneficiaries of the Google For Startups Program 2018,
  • Graduated from the program of the Founders Institute,
  • The most important pre-seed accelerator in the world, based in Silicon Valley.

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